High Quality Ecofriendly 3D Cute PVC Figure

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Material: Soft PVC, Hard PVC, 7-P free, non-toxic, Food grade security

Logo Process: Debossed with or without color, Embossed with or without color, printing, Laser engraving, Printing

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High Quality Ecofriendly 3D Cute PVC Figure (6)

About Soft PVC Figures

PVC figures were originally designed for women who love beauty, such as PVC figures perfume bottles, cartoon type mobile phone case, small and medium-sized PVC soft glue zero wallet and so on, the key features are small and exquisite, beautiful appearance design. Again according to the packaging printing, drip and other processing technology to make PVC soft plastic gift is very beautiful to win the favor of many beautiful ladies! With the development of commodities, the practical effect of decoration design is very good.

Welcomed by market

Now more and more people like the PVC figures based on real people, Like fans of influencers, celebrities, athletes or your loved ones.

PVC figures can be used as Commemoration and promotion, which are welcomed by market.

We are specialized in complex design

Soft PVC products can not realize many details like metal products, so for complex designs, many factories in the market are unable to restore details. But we can do split pieces and then assemble them to make as much detail as possible.

High Quality Ecofriendly 3D Cute PVC Figure (5)

We are specialized in metal crafts (badges, keychains, coins, medals, bottle openers and so on), lanyards, embroidery & woven patches, soft PVC & silicon gifts. with more than 38 years experience.

Certified Member of SEDEX, Supplier of Disney, McDonald’s, Universal Studio, Bureau VERITAS, Polo Ralph Lauren etc.

Welcome to contact us for more information or get quotations for your custom designs.

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