Auto Logos

Automobile signs refer to the signs of various automobile brands, which often become the representatives of automobile enterprises. The marks of the vehicle include: the trademark or factory mark of the vehicle, product label, engine model and factory number, vehicle model and factory number, vehicle identification code, etc.

An automobile shall have its own mark to indicate the manufacturer, model, engine power, load-bearing quality, and the factory number of the engine and the whole vehicle.

Their function is to facilitate sellers, users, maintenance personnel and traffic management departments to identify the "identity" of vehicles. According to China's national regulations, these signs should be checked during new vehicle registration and annual inspection.

1. Pierce-Arrow is a car company based in Buffalo, New York, USA. It was founded in 1901 and renamed Pierce-Arrow in 1908. It closed in 1938 and lasted 37 years. The logo appeared on the Model 19 in 1915 and used a three-dimensional archery logo. 

2. Pontiac was the first car manufacturer in the United States and was born in 1908. The English word "PONTIAC" on the logo is an American place name, and the silver-plated arrows and crosses represent its progressive aspects. 

3. Chrysler CL model. A Jumping antelope sign. 

4. The Oldsmobile logo is also a very rare brand. There are very few people who know it. Founded in 1897, it is the oldest car company in the United States and eventually merged with General Motors. 

5. Laraki In fact, it is an African car brand and there is no chance to appear in this country. However, in fact, it was exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show, which mainly produces sports cars. 

6. Rover Automobile It belongs to the British car brand. English ROVER means "wanderer." It’s very meaningful to have a sailboat on the logo.

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Post time: Mar-03-2022