Beijing Winter Olympics Commemorative Badge

The Olympic emblem originated in Athens, Greece. It was originally used to distinguish the identity of athletes, officials and news media. Some contestants pass on their good wishes to each other by exchanging the round playing cards they wear. Therefore, the custom of exchanging Olympic badges came into being. The so-called "small badge, big culture", as an indispensable part of Olympic culture, badge collection has a broad mass base and social influence in the Olympic collection industry.

The commemorative medallion of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which has attracted much attention this year, is also indispensable

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has developed more than 5,000 licensed products, covering 16 categories including badges, keychains and other non-metallic products, precious metal products, clothing, apparel and accessories, plush and toys of various materials.

Among them, the commemorative badge is the "big family" that is most likely to be out of stock. These square-inch metal badges belong to different series, such as the central axis countdown series badges, which combine the Beijing central axis application site with the Beijing Winter Olympics countdown process; Chinese traditional festival badges, with unique customs, food and The folk tales are drawn as the main line of creation, which is very popular among foreigners.

The history of Olympic badges can be traced back to Athens. At first, it was just a round card used to distinguish the identity of the contestants, and gradually evolved into a badge that conveys blessings to each other. Since the 1988 Winter Olympics, the exchange of Olympic medals has become a traditional event in the host cities of the Olympic Games. In my country, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cultivated a group of "Zhangyou", and the badge culture also had an impact on the subsequent large-scale exhibitions and events such as the Shanghai World Expo. As these badges are sold out, they further enhance their collectible properties.

Metal souvenirs endowed with special meanings are deeply loved by people all over the world. We are also very honored that Beijing has become a double Olympic city, allowing more and more foreigners to understand our culture. We integrate Chinese traditions into badges, which can not only promote our culture, but also decorate as a commemorative collection.

Post time: Mar-03-2022